My Hero Academia Chapter 384 spoilers have started trending online, and in this post, you will find a detailed summary of the same.

The previous chapter was sort of a disappointment as it was stretched only for 11 pages. Fans expected the upcoming chapter to be a standard one, but looking at the leaked spoilers, it’s confirmed that the mangaka will be again releasing a short chapter. Well, keeping this aside, let’s focus on what the spoilers reveal about the next manga chapter that’s going to get released this weekend.

My Hero Academia Chapter 384 spoilers revealed

The chapter of My Hero Academia begins by showing the explosion, and then we see the police officers in the headquarters announcing that the temperature is not increasing. However, they also declare that everyone must still be careful as the situation is not yet fully controlled.

The next panel shows Rei, Natsuo, and Fayumi using their ice as a shield against Dabi’s heat flames. On the other side, tiger is trying to make every civilian leave the place, and Twice is fighting Toga.

The entire situation is being filmed by a reporter who is in the helicopter. She is the same reporter whom we saw earlier in the manga.

The next panel takes us to a cafe situated in the Philippines, where we see people praying for their beloved heroes. Suddenly, a child says it’s fine, we still have few heroes who can fight back. The scene then cuts to Lida and Shoto, who are flying at a fast speed in the sky. The chapter ended by showing Shoto setting up his phosphor move.

Well, these are simply the early spoilers that give us a taste of the upcoming events. To truly experience the brilliance of the upcoming chapter, you’ll have to wait for its official release this weekend in Viz Media and Manga Plus.

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