My Hero Academia Chapter 385 will return from the one-week hiatus, and now, it will get released in the Shonen Jump Magazine Issue 20 on Monday, April 17, 2023. The early leaks have already started coming out since Wednesday (April 12th) morning, and here, we are discussing the same.

In the previous chapter, Machia fights against his own master due to Hitoshi’s brainwashing, but he continues to fight by the side of the heroes even when AFO breaks Hitoshi’s control over him. The chapter then reveals that Machia chose to fight against him because he felt betrayed when AFO promised to rescue him, but he didn’t.

The manga chapter also revealed that the ones who decided to stay away from Deku and the battle have chosen to unite once again and fight for the nation. So, as the fight is still not over, let’s see what the spoilers for the upcoming chapter unveils.

My Hero Academia Chapter 385 is titled Young Impulses

At the start of the chapter, we see a map of Gunga Mountain, where we see everyone who is fighting. Mount Lady’s weapon gets broken during the battle, and when Kodai sees her without any weapon, she picks a Detnerat item that she sees lying on the ground and transforms it into a big weapon using her quirk, and throws it toward her.

Mount Lady and Fumikage Tokoyami are exhausted, but they don’t have any other option than to continue with the fight. Hawks realizes he cannot provide significant help due to the lack of quirk in his body, so he apologizes to them. Tokoyami says that the Dark Shadow is getting more robust due to his support. Meanwhile, Mt. Lady gets injured in the stomach and falls to the ground. After her, the beast Machia gets attacked by a laser beam that makes him bleed while losing.

On the other side, All For One is injured too, but his immense powers help him to heal quickly. After that, AFO unleashes another strong attack, destroying the Dark Shadow. When his attack was about to injure Tokoyami, Hawks comes in between, taking the damage. The spoilers later show that AFO has defeated every hero present in the location except Hawk, who he is holding by his neck.

AFO warns Hawks to go away and let him steal Tokoyami’s quirk. Hawks stab him in the chest, but the attack doesn’t do any major harm to him as he heals himself in a flash again. AFO appreciates Hawks for his bravery as he didn’t have much of the quirks, but still, he is fighting for the heroes.

Seeing the pathetic situation, the civilians get worried as they don’t see the heroes defeating the deadly villain.

Note: These are just the early leaks, so to know the complete events of the chapter, you have to wait for its official release.

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