My Hero Academia S6 Ep 20 will release soon globally, and in this article, you’ll learn about the episode’s release schedule and the previous episode’s recap.

The nineteenth episode of the anime showed how everyone loses their trust in the heroes. On the other side, Muscular has returned, and the heroes, along with the civilians, are in huge danger. Izuku is there to save everyone from him, but his past injuries don’t allow him to do things beyond the limit. So, fans can’t wait to see how Izuku will save everyone from Muscular and the other villains.

When Does My Hero Academia S6 Ep 20 release?

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 20 will get released on Saturday, February 18, 2023, at 5:30 PM JST. For International fans, Crunchyroll will bring the episode at different release timings due to the time variations in different parts of the world. Several selected regions can also enjoy the episode of MHA on Netflix. Apart from that, the below schedule will help you track the episode:

What happened last time in the anime?

A villain escapes the prison, due to which every civilian is asked to take shelter in Ketsubutsu Academy High School, but none of them agrees to it. That’s because since several robust villains escaped the prison, the civilians have developed trust issues for the hero society. Tatami and Yo Shindo keep convincing everyone until they fall prey to Muscular, who grabs the latter in no time.

Yo uses his power to rescue himself from Muscular, but even his powerful quirk could not help him. Before he gets killed at the hands of Muscular, Izuku saves him. Recognizing Izuku, Muscular gets thrilled because he has wanted to fight him for a long time. Izuku also leaves to fight him after bringing Shindo to Tatami. However, he remembers that All For One powers will help him to a limit. Later, he defeats Muscular and leaves him before the police station.

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