Blue Lock episode 19 is on its way to its release date, and here, you will get every information about it. Apart from that, we also bring to you a brief recap of the events that occurred in the previous episode.

Previously, we saw the ongoing match between Team Red and Team White. While Isagi and Nagi give their best to help their team win, Barou continues playing the way he likes. The chapter also shows how Isagi prevents Chigiri from earning a goal for his team using his fast speed.

So, when will the next chapter of the anime getting released, and what exactly happened in the previous chapter? Well, that’s what this entire article is about.

When will Blue Lock Episode 19 get released?

Blue Lock episode 19 will get released at 1:30 AM in Japan on Sunday, February 19, 2023, on the local channels of the nation. International viewers can watch it on Crunchyroll following the below timing:

Blue Lock Episode 18: A Brief Recap

Chigiri earns a goal for his team, and Isagi and Nagi plan not to allow them to make another one. The duo also realizes they cannot rely on Barou as he is not ready to play as a team. However, the next moment Barou succeeded in getting the ball, so he aimed for a direct shot, but unfortunately, he couldn’t make a goal.

Later, Reo and Isagi struggle to get possession of the ball, but at last, Barou gets the ball. However, seeing Chigiri coming toward him, he passes the ball to Isagi, who successfully makes a goal. Seeing the ongoing game, Barou realizes that he can’t let Isagi and Nagi take all the attention, so finally, he unleashes his dribbling ability, using which he earned the final goal for his team.

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