Season 6 of My Hero Academia is still underway, and Studio Bones has so far delivered spectacular animation in the first four episodes. But now, everyone is looking forward to watching episode 6 of the latest season, and here we discuss the episode’s release schedule.

In the latest episode, we saw Dabi overwhelming Hawks in the fight. The villain burns Hawk’s wings, making the pro-hero incredibly weak to fight. Seeing this as an opportunity, Dabi moves ahead to kill Hawks without wasting any more time; however, at that point, Tokoyami arrives on the spot to help Hawks in the fight. Meanwhile, Shigaraki comes back to life to make things difficult for the heroes, and now, everyone is eager to see how the good folks will handle this situation. 

My Hero Academia | World Heroes Mission | Official Trailer

My Hero Academia | World Heroes Mission | Official Trailer

When Does My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 6 Come Out?

Episode 6 of My Hero Academia Season 6 is scheduled to release worldwide on Saturday, November 5th, 2022, at 2:30 AM PT (Pacific Timing) on Crunchyroll. Since the release time will vary depending on your region; here’s the release schedule for different regions:

My Hero Academia Season 6 Brings Back The Threat of Shigaraki’s Decay Quirk

In the fifth episode, while Tokoyami saves Hawks from dying at the hands of Dabi, Shigaraki awakens from his sleep. This time, however, he is far more powerful. Immediately after waking up, Shigaraki unleashes his Decay quirk. The wave for Shigaraki’s quirk forces every hero to retreat, as anyone who touches the deadly wave will die. Deku, who is busy evacuating the citizens from the city, also senses something terrible in the hospital. 

To make things worse, Shigaraki gets hold of X-Less, the pro hero, and uses his decay quirk by touching the hero’s head. This, of course, was lethal enough to kill X-Less, but before dying, the hero destroys Dr. Garaki’s machine that was behind Shigaraki. Apparently, Dr. Garaki planned on using that same machine to steal all the heroes’ quirk. So, even though X-Less died at the hands of Shigaraki, his final instinct to destroy the machine saved every hero still alive and fighting. 

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