When will My Master Has No Tail episode 13 release on HiDive and has the anime series been renewed for season 2?

The end of any anime broadcasting slate can be filled with nerves as fans ponder the future of their favorite series and the 2022 Fall slate is no different.

Today, December 23, fans around the world will say goodbye to My Master Has No Tail; the adorable series from Liden Films, adapting TNSK’s original manga.

My Master Has No Tail has not yet been renewed for season 2 by Liden Films, but what are the chances that the anime will return for another broadcast?

My Master Has No Tail episode 13 release explained

My Master Has No Tail episode 13 is scheduled to premiere around the world on Friday, December 23.

The season 1 finale will release for OTT streaming via the HiDive platform at the following international times:

The following episode preview was shared to the series’ official website, translated directly via DeepL:

“Mameda is treated to a feast by Heibei, a regular at the brothel, and receives a souvenir, and returns home to Tsubaki in a good mood. When he unwraps the gift, he finds a large sum of money in it. At the same time, a policeman visits the Tsubaki house, and Mameda is accused of theft. Heibei has a history with Buntori and Bunfox, and plans to take revenge on the Daikokutei clan by humiliating Mameda. Will Mameda be able to escape from this predicament?” – Episode 13 Story, via official website.

My Master Has No Tail season 2 renewal status

As previously noted, My Master Has No Tail has not yet been publicly renewed for season 2.

Anime renewal typically depends on two factors; the availability of source material from an original light novel or manga series, and the wider popularity of the show.

On the one hand, the My Master Has No Tail manga series is still ongoing, having released nine complete Tankobon volumes domestically in Japan since its debut in January 2019. Eight of those volumes are currently available to read in English via Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, Bookwalker, Google Play, Izneo, Kobo, MyAnimeList, and Nook.

This indicates that, should the manga continue publishing new content at its current pace, there will be enough source material for season 2 of My Master Has No Tail. Unfortunately, the series has received a slightly positive, if not generally underwhelming, response from international fans.

Ahead of the season 1 finale, My Master Has No Tail is scoring 6.35/10 on MyAnimeList, 3.3/5 on Anime Planet, 5.5/10 on IMDB, and 61% on Anilist. Whilst these scores are by no means a death sentence for season 2, it does mean that the series will be relying much more heavily on the domestic performance in Japan if the show is to return for another broadcast.

Something to note is that Liden Films, the team behind the anime adaptation, already have a very busy 2023 lined up. As of December 2022, the team will be producing Tokyo Revengers season 2, The Legendary Hero Is Dead, Insomniacs After School, Rurouni Kenshin, and Gods’ Games We Play next year.

Overall, whilst there are indications that My Master Has No Tail could return for season 2, fans should expect a significant wait on news due to the current schedule of Liden Films.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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