Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is only a few days away from its release, and we already know that we won’t be able to see our beloved T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) in the movie. Well, the upcoming film will come with a character who will take forward the legacy of T’Challa (Black Panther). While there will be several familiar characters from the first Black Panther film, some new characters will also be introduced to us. One such new character is Namor, who will be seen as the big bad in the film.

In an interview, the director of the film, Ryan Coogler, revealed that Black Panther 2‘s Namor is as strong as MCU’s Hulk and Thor. Learning this, fans wonder, who would win if there was a fight between Namor and Black Panther?

Namor overshadows Black Panther in Strength

Namor possesses superhuman abilities, but his powers tend to decrease if he is away from water for a long time. However, in the comics, he defeated Luke Cage and She-Hulk out of the water, and he knocked out the Red Hulk in the water.

On the other hand, Black Panther increased his physical strength with the help of a herb. He is good at lifting tons of weight in one go. But, even if Black Panther has enhanced physical strength, he can not defeat Namor because he has superhuman powers that make him stronger than T’Challa.

Moreover, like superhuman strength, Namor also has superhuman durability that allows him to withstand any physical injury. For instance, he can survive energy blasts and bullet shots without getting injured. So, you can say that when it comes to strength, Namor can defeat Black Panther in a direct fight.

Black Panther can defeat Namor using his brain

T’Challa can’t compete with Namor when it comes to strength, but he can overshadow him by using his intelligence. He is also proficient in Martial Arts, so he can bring some intelligent tactics to defeat Namor.

Black Panther has advanced tech at his disposal, thanks to the abundance of Vibranium in Wakanda. So, he can very well upgrade his suit to handle Namor’s punches and land attacks that can damage his enemy. On top of that, T’Challa can use his surroundings and wit to dominate Namor. In MCU, we’ve seen Black Panther defeating a stronger opponent, Killmonger, by using the surroundings to his advantage. Well, he could do the same against Namor to bring him to his knees.

In summary, depending on the situation, they could both beat each other. Namor using his strength and Black Panther using his brains and technology.

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