Known for his delve into fantasy horror, Guillermo del Toro has always left most of his scares up to the viewer’s imagination, but we take a look at the age rating and parents’ guide for Netflix’s Cabinet of Curiosities to see if it’s suitable for a younger audience.

The director has supplied some kid-friendly features in the past, including Hellboy and Pacific Rim, but Pan’s Labyrinth, for example, may look like a fantasy horror for kids, but its suggestive themes earned it its 15 certificate.

Created by del Toro, the horror anthology series is based on one of the filmmaker’s short story and each episode focuses on a unique tale. Joined by eight directors, Cabinet of Curiosities stars Tim Blake Nelson, Dan Stevens, Ben Barnes, Rupert Grint, Essie Davis, Andrew Lincoln, and more.

Hot Skull | Date Announcement | Netflix

Hot Skull | Date Announcement | Netflix

Cabinet of Curiosities Age Rating

Cabinet of Curiosities has been issued with an 18 certificate, meaning the contents are unsuitable for children under the age of 18.

The United States has also issued the series with a TV-MA rating, outlining the show is only suitable for mature audiences.

These ratings were issued to address the strong language, graphic violence, nudity, gore, smoking, and substance abuse.

Tim Blake Nelson being led by candlelight in Cabinet of Curiosities
Cabinet of Curiosities – Cr. Netflix, YouTube.

Cabinet of Curiosities Parents’ Guide – Is it for Kids?

It’s pretty safe to say Cabinet of Curiosities is 100% not for kids, indicated right off the bat by the 18 certificate.

The above only outlined the main aspects that awarded its rating, but there are also images of dead bodies, scenes where people are burned alive, demons, and an abundance of what many call “terrifying scenes” present.

The gore is an important aspect to focus on when discussing the parents’ guide, as it’s much less restrained due to the show’s higher rating. This means a lot of scenes include significant violence with bloodshed.

In summary, Cabinet of Curiosities is not content suitable for children, but rather scary stories for adults to watch at the witching hour.

Hannah Galway in episode “The Murmuring” screaming in Cabinet of Curiosities
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Cabinet of Curiosities Episode Guide and Release Schedule

Cabinet of Curiosities is confirmed to have eight episodes in total and the anthology is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, on Netflix.

Two episodes will be shown every night between October 25 and October 28, which will encourage millions to tune in each evening for an exhilarating story.

Below we have outlined the show’s full release schedule:

Andrew Lincoln as Edgar Bradley in The Murmuring episode of Cabinet of Curiosities
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By Jo Craig – [email protected]

Cabinet of Curiosities is now streaming on Netflix.

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