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One Piece anime and manga series both take breaks this weekend

Both the One Piece manga and anime adaptations are on a break this weekend, but what do fans need to know about the return dates?

Whether you are a franchise fan or just an anime-only viewer, One Piece dominates the weekend schedule for millions of fans around the world.

However, those same fans will have to find another series to fill their time this week, with confirmation that both the anime and manga will be taking a break.

Unfortunately, whilst one of these series will only be taking a short hiatus, the same can’t be said for the other – here is everything you need to know about the upcoming One Piece holiday.

One Piece anime takes break before episode 1023

The One Piece anime adaptation will sadly not be releasing a new episode this weekend as many fans may have expected.

Instead, a recap episode will be broadcast in Japan, with episode 1023 “Preparations OK! Chopperphage Nebulizer” now scheduled to premiere for the majority of international fans on Sunday, July 3rd.

Per the series’ streaming page, One Piece episode 1023 will release via Crunchyroll at the following times:

  • Pacific Time – 7 PM
  • Eastern Time – 10 PM
  • British Time – 3 AM
  • European Time – 4 AM
  • India Time – 7:30 AM
  • Philippine Time – 10 AM
  • Australia Central Time – 11:30 AM

One Piece 1054 manga series joins anime for extended holiday

Similarly, the One Piece manga series will also be taking a hiatus this weekend, which will be the first break since chapter 1050 was pushed from May 22nd to 29th.

The bad news is that the upcoming break for the manga is not a short one; with the series about to start its one-month holiday as author Eiichiro Oda prepares for the final story arc.

As revealed on June 7th, the Summer is about to be an incredibly busy time for Oda and his team. In a message on the One Piece Twitter page, translated by the Unofficial Weekly Shonen Jump page, Oda revealed how he not only needs to travel to South Africa but also needs to prepare for the 25-year anniversary and the upcoming Red movie.

The trip to South Africa won’t be a holiday necessarily with Oda set to supervise the production of Netflix’s live-action series. However, fans will be most interested in the fact that the one-month break will also help Oda prepare for the final story arc.

“What?! Taking a break?! How much do you think readers enjoy Jump…But Resting!! And I want to go to Africa tooooo!! I also want to reorganise the final arc of the series so I can finish it as soon as possible. So…I’m sorry, but I’m going to take a breather and some time to prepare!!” – Eiichiro Oda, via WSJ_manga Twitter.

One Piece chapter 1054 is currently scheduled to release via Viz Media and Manga Plus on Sunday, July 24th.

Taika Waititi reveals he is a Straw Hat fan

Aside from the One Piece: Red movie, arguably the most highly-anticipated film for fellow geeks this Summer is Thor: Love and Thunder.

This week, a special BTS video from the production set was shared online and is introduced by director Taika Waititi. Whilst his jumper is blurred out for copyright issues, fans can make out the recognisable face of one Captain Monkey D Luffy.

Fans were quick to share screenshots from the video on social media asking whether Taika was a true One Piece fan or whether this attire was simply a wardrobe choice.

However, Taika would actually respond to one fan on Twitter who asked “Yooo is @TaikaWaititi a One Piece fan??? That’s totally Luffy blurred” with “It Is.”

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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