Fresh rumours of a Kaju No 8 anime adaptation are spreading online after a popular leaker shared news of an upcoming production.

There is certainly no shortage of anime shows available to fans around the world; however, the global community is always looking ahead to what the next big breakthrough series could be.

Arguably one of the most popular manga that has yet to receive a TV adaptation is Kaiju No 8, the monstrous series from Naoya Matsumoto.

However, that could all be about to change very soon, with a new report from a popular leaker on social media claiming that an anime adaptation of Kaiju No 8 is now in the works.

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Kaiju No 8 anime adaptation rumours spread online

Almost immediately after Kaiju No 8 debuted in the Shonen Jump Plus magazine back in July 2020, fans began begging for an anime adaptation with more than 90,000 copies being sold in the first week alone.

In fact, the series was ranked as the 10th most wanted anime adaptation of 2022 on AnimeJapan’s fan polling, behind the likes of Solo Leveling, Magu-chan: God of Destruction and Senpai is a Boy.

However, new rumours of an anime adaptation of are spreading like wildfire online following a post by popular and typically-reputable leaker “Spanku_u”. The page’s post simply read, “Kaiju No. 8 is getting a TV anime adaptation!” with no follow-up information to indicate a potential production studio or distribution partner.

Interestingly, the “shonenleaks” page would then add that a Weibo user that they deem to be trustworthy, had also confirmed the rumour online.

Whilst almost every anime or manga leak should be taken with a heavy pinch of salt, Spanku is widely considered to be amongst the most accurate leakers working in the industry right now. Most recently, the page shared news of the Mononoke movie, My Home Hero and Trigun – all of which were later confirmed to be correct.

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Where to read the original manga series

The Kaiju No 8 series would go on to become the best-selling new manga of 2020 and by June, had sold more than 2.5 million copies. By the end of the year, the series had been viewed more than 30 million times online.

More milestones continued to be surpassed in 2021; 4 million copies by September, 5.5 million by December and by March 2022, more than 6.7 million copies were in circulation. Finally, on June 19th 2022, Manga MoguraRE shared that these sales had surpassed 7.8 million copies.

At the time of writing, six complete Tankobon volumes have been published in Japan, but only two of those volumes are currently available to purchase in English – volume 3 is scheduled for July 12th.

Fans can purchase physical copies of published volumes via Amazon, Book Depository, Waterstones or Bookshop. Digital versions can be accessed through Viz Media, Google Play, iBooks, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook service.

However, the easiest and cheapest way to catch up with the Kaiju No 8 manga is through Viz Media and Manga Plus. Subscriptions only cost $1.99 a month and new chapters are released every two weeks; Manga Plus can also be downloaded to your own device via Google Play and the App Store.

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By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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