Fans are curious to get their hands on Chapter 1056. Since the early spoilers of the upcoming chapter surfaced online, everyone’s going crazy to know what they will get to see in the chapter.

Usually, spoiler for the new chapters of any manga series starts surfacing before two or three days of its release. Interestingly, One Piece Chapter 1056 spoilers are taking the internet by storm five days before its official release date.

Although this time, One Piece Manga is not trending only due to the leaked spoilers. It’s also trending because the manga series has successfully sold 500 Million copies worldwide until now.

One Piece Stampede | Official Trailer

One Piece Stampede | Official Trailer

One Piece Chapter 1056 spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1056 is titled, Cross Guild. The chapter will show Buggy leading a new organization, and Mihawk and Crocodile are part of the new crew. Buggy puts bounties on the head of the Marines. On another side, Neko and Inu decide to stay in Wano, and they select Wanda and Carrot as the successors to lead the Minks.

Meanwhile, Strawhats leaves the Wano kingdom, and Carrot decides not to join them. Shinobu regains its beauty because of Aramaki’s attack. Luffy, Kid, and Law will go on different routes, and Kid won’t go behind Shanks; in fact, he is looking for someone else.

One Piece Chapter 1055 Recap

While Wano Kingdom’s residents celebrate Luffy’s victory, Momonusuke and his allies continue fighting Ryokugyu. Despite being fully outmatched by Ryokugyu, Momo didn’t give up. Meanwhile, Ryokugyu encourages Raizo to release a fire attack on him. Ryokugyu also says that his branches won’t catch fire as they are immune to it. Later, Raizo gets injured by one of his branches.

On the other hand, Law joins Kozuki and Robin, and the trio heads up to the staircase in the secret room of Kozuki. On the way, Robin notices light and asks about it. Kozuki replies that it’s a glass window that’s reflecting the light. Law and Robin get amazed at seeing the remains of an ancient kingdom.

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