Several reputed leakers have revealed One Piece chapter 1066 spoilers on Twitter. The spoilers suggest that the upcoming chapter will be one of the most exciting chapters of the popular manga.

Previously, we saw a girl identifying herself as Vegapunk but soon, it was revealed that she was not the real Vegapunk. In fact, there are several copies of the scientist created by the real one. So, fans grew curious to know how the real Vegapunk looks.

Finally, everyones’ prayers will be answered, and the upcoming chapter will bring the real Vegapunk. Well, that’s what the early spoilers of One Piece chapter 1066 hint at.

One Piece Stampede | Official Trailer

One Piece Stampede | Official Trailer

Luffy gets the privilege of meeting Vegapunk in One Piece Chapter 1066

A few leakers, including Redon, disclosed that in chapter 1066 of One Piece, Vegapunk would come out clear, and Luffy would get the chance to meet the scientist before anyone else. Moreover, when Luffy meets Vegapunk, it seems the latter already knows that the former will definitely come to meet. Hence, the first thing Vegapunk say is:

Dragon’s son! I knew you’d come!!

Redon also confirmed that we would surely see Vegapunk’s face in the forthcoming episode when asked by some commentators on the post. However, we’ve yet to see what kind of relationship Luffy will form with Vegapunk. Will the scientist become an ally or an enemy? Well, we’ll have to wait for the official chapter to find out.

Vegapunk and Dragon are familiar with each other

In the recent chapters, Vegapunk and Dragon did already seem to know each other. Moreover, manga readers who have read the spoilers know that chapter 1066 begins by showing Dragon and Vegapunk together in Ohara. That too after the attack of the World Government. Both of them also know Professor Clover.

Later, seeing the attack’s aftermath, Dragon decides to establish a revolutionary army. All the books of Ohara were carried by a group to Elbaf, and the group was headed by someone with bandages all over his body.

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