One Piece‘s upcoming chapter 1068, titled “A Genius’ Dream,” gets the first spoilers, and after reading those, fans already know that the chapter will come with several jaw-dropping moments.

The 1068th chapter of One Piece was supposed to release last weekend, but unfortunately, the manga went on a week-long break. However, it’s nothing unusual for One Piece‘s fans as the mangaka keeps taking short breaks between the chapters of the manga.

The spoilers started coming out on Monday, and the aspects it disclosed make the wait worth it. So, let’s discuss what the manga brings for us as it returns from the break.

One Piece Stampede | Official Teaser Trailer 2

One Piece Stampede | Official Teaser Trailer 2

Spoilers for Chapter 1068, titled A Genius’ Dream, reveals Vegapunk’s Dream

The cover of the chapter showcases a fight between Caesar Clown and Vinsmoke Judge. While fighting, both of them recall their days in the crazy scientists organization MADS. After that, the chapter discloses the mad scientist Vegapunk’s dream, which is to supply free energy to everyone in the world. However, while he researches thoroughly, he comes to know about the mysterious energy source, and before he can learn more about it, the World Government wants to erase his existence from the world.

Later, Shaka Vegapunk gives Sentomaru controlling powers and asks him to release S-Shark, S-Hawk, and S-Snake. Lucci attacks Vegapunk Atlas with his seventh technique, Rokuogan, which severely damages her. The chapter concludes by showing the old rivals Lucci and Luffy’s gang meeting each other again.

To be precise, the spoilers for the forthcoming chapter reveal that Vegapunk’s life is in danger, which might be because he may have learned something about World Organization during his research. There are chances that the information, if leaked, might affect the reputation of the organization, in a bad way, of course. Hence, they want to kill him so that nobody knows about it.

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