After a short break, One Piece manga returns with episode 1070 this weekend, so when will the chapter of the popular manga come out on digital platforms?

After Japan’s Jump Festa event revealed the information regarding One Piece Film: Red and the manga’s upcoming chapters’ spoilers, fans could not hold their excitement.

Previously, we saw Luffy and Lucci’s fight where the former revealed his most potent form to let the opponent know that he cannot stand before him. As the battle between the two has not yet ended, we may get to see how things turn out for both of them in the new chapter.

Official Manga Trailer | One Piece: Ace’s Story | VIZ

Official Manga Trailer | One Piece: Ace’s Story | VIZ

When does One Piece Chapter 1070 release?

One Piece Chapter 1070 will release on Manga Plus and Viz Media on Sunday, December 25, 2022. Here’s the release time schedule for International fans:

Spoilers for the upcoming chapter see Vegapunk revealing some important information about the devil fruit

Luffy and Lucci’s fight is still going on, and the devil fruit helps Luffy to overpower the opponent quickly. Besides using the devil fruit, Luffy also attacks Lucci with a new technique called ‘Gomu Gomu no Don.’ On the other side, injured Sentomaru is undergoing treatment, so Lucci takes advantage of his dire condition by taking control of the Seraphim.

Vegapunk discloses that it’s easy to replicate the devil fruit named Akuma no Mi. She states that Zoan can be easily replicated because it has a base of animals, but the mythological ones can be difficult to replicate. Apart from these, the user’s lineage factor must be used for copying Paramecia, and for Logias, Vegapunk only wants to talk a little because, according to her, it is almost impossible to be replicated.

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