One Piece‘s fan popularity cannot be questioned, as being the longest-running manga, it is still the second most-read manga on Manga Plus, the first being Chainsaw Man. Here, we are about to discuss when will One Piece Chapter 1072 be released following the short hiatus.

Manga readers are used to seeing their favorite mangas going on short breaks or sometimes even for a more extended period of time. At times, mangakas’ health conditions become the reason for the delay, and sometimes, mangas tend to get delayed due to some production issues. However, this time the break is taken by the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine.

Fortunately, as we wait for the manga to return, we can enjoy One Piece anime adaptations’ episode 1047, which will release on Sunday, January 15, 2023.

Official Manga Trailer | One Piece: Ace’s Story | VIZ

Official Manga Trailer | One Piece: Ace’s Story | VIZ

When will One Piece Chapter 1072 be released?

One Piece Chapter 1072 will release on Viz Media, Manga Plus, and Shonen Jump Magazines’ official website on Sunday, January 22, 2023, at 7:00 AM PST. The time schedule will vary according to different time zones, and here, we have listed the release timings that should be followed:

What happened previously in the manga?

Kuma arrives at Red Port via Grand Line, and no one likes it. Everyone gets confused about why did he return to the Red Port. By the time he gets up, everyone starts running from the spot. After that, the marines are called to handle Kuma, as no one knows what he is up to.

While Vegapunk works on his strategies at Labophase, the Frontier Dome defense systems go down, and that’s why CP0 has to come to check it. Zoro and Kaku start fighting when the latter tries to destroy the Straw Hat Pirates’ ship, Thousand Sunny.

A mysterious person is called for help by Vegapunk despite knowing that the World Government will catch the person if they help Vegapunk. Bonney asks Vegapunk to make her father normal. Later, the Kid Pirates reach Elbaf.

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