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One Piece Chapter 1073 Spoilers Reveals Stussy

Unfortunately, One Piece Chapter 1073 is the last chapter before the manga goes on hiatus next week. Well, here, we discuss the early spoilers for the chapter that was released by several reputed Twitter handles earlier this week.

One Piece Chapter 1073 spoilers come with some interesting revelations. For instance, the mysterious person who Vegapunk in the last few episodes was contacting came out clearly. Besides this, the spoilers also revealed that we would see the Red Line being climbed by Kuma and Vegapunk, inventing a strange tank that showers flowers.

One Piece Chapter 1073 spoilers reveal Stussy’s powers and some strange inventions by Vegapunk

First of all, the upcoming chapter is titled ‘Ms. Buckingham Stussy.’ Vegapunk is looked down upon by Judge, Caesar, and Queen, as the mad scientist created a tank that shoots flowers. At the beginning of the chapter, we see Lucci getting distracted by Stussy’s illusion. Lucci believes that he is attacking Stussy, but it’s actually an illusion created by Stussy.

Stussy was already succeeding in distracting Lucci with the Illussions techniques; she then touched Lucci with lipstick and bit him, making him fall asleep. She also used the same technique on Kaku.

We learn that the mysterious person is Stussy, whom Vegapunk used to talk to. Stussy is unable to stop the seraphim as she holds the same authority as Lucci. After that, Lilith and Edison are seen coming out of a Lab, and the former gets attacked by S-Hawk. However, his attacks are dodged by Zoro.

Edison gets attacked by S-Shark, but Sanji saves him. On the other side, Luffy and Chopper look for the real Vegapunk, who is with Bonney at that time. After that, the scene cuts to Sphinx Island, where we learn that the Marines arrived there when Marco was in Wano. However, Weevil reached the Island on time and protected it from the Marines. Ryokugyuu then ceased Weevil.

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