One Piece Chapter 1074 was about to get released this week, but sadly, the manga went on hiatus. However, the release date for the chapter has been confirmed, and this article will divulge that to you.

Before getting their hands on the whole chapter of any manga, fans always look forward to the early leaks, but unfortunately, the spoilers for the new chapters come out two to three days before its official release. So, curious fans must wait until it’s time for the anticipated chapter to get released. Well, for the time being, let’s talk about the new official release date for the upcoming chapter of One Piece.

When will Chapter 1074 of One Piece get released?

One Piece Chapter 1074 will come out on Sunday, February 12, 2023, on Viz Media and Manga Plus, at 7:00 AM PST. The release timings for people in different areas of the world will be different, and here’s the schedule that will help everyone to sort out the confusion related to the timings:

What happened in Chapter 1073 of the manga?

The chapter starts with Lucci attacking Stussy after learning about her betrayal, but Stussy dodges his attack and uses lipstick to jam Lucci’s neck so that he cannot transform. After that, Stussy bites Lucci’s neck and makes him unconscious. Zoro and Brook get shocked when they come to know that Stussy is an ally of Vegapunk. The Straw Hat pirates were overwhelmed to see how Vegapunk sent a spy to the World Government Intelligence Branch secretively.

Stussy tells Shaka that she cannot stop the Seraphim as she doesn’t have the authority to do that. Edison tells her that she must leave it to him and Lilith. S-Hawk spots Stussy and immediately attacks her, but Zoro saves Vegapunk’s spy. After that, Edison gets attacked by S-Shark, and this time, Sanji comes in between to fail him in his motives.

Stussy reveals to Shaka what she did to Kaku and Lucci. On the other hand, Luffy and Chopper wander here and there, searching for Vegapunk and Bonney. The chapter then cuts to Whitebeard’s native, Sphinx, where everyone informs Marco that when he was away, the Marines arrived there in search of Whitebeard’s treasure.

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