What time will One Piece episode 1025 release on Crunchyroll around the world and what can fans expect to go down this week?

The One Piece franchise is set to have a sizzling Summer as fans around the world prepare to witness the latest theatrical movie, Red, in theatres.

However, there are still several weeks to go before the film opens in domestic and international cinemas, meaning that all eyes are now back on the ongoing TV anime series.

After another barn-burning instalment last week, fans are curious as to what time One Piece episode 1025 will release for online streaming in their time zone.

One Piece episode 1025: Release date and time explained

One Piece episode 1025 is scheduled to premiere for most international fans on Sunday, July 17th.

As confirmed by Crunchyroll’s streaming page for the iconic anime series, episode 1025 will release for international streaming at the following times:

A quick preview of the upcoming episode

Spoiler warning: This section may contain potential spoilers for One Piece episode 1025, so read on at your own discretion.

The short TV preview video for One Piece episode 1025 was broadcast following the conclusion of last week’s episode and has been subsequently shared on social media by fans.

A preview text caption has not yet been shared by either the One Piece social media or associated Japanese TV network partners, but episode 1025 is expected to adapt chapter 1009 from the original manga:

The chapter was titled “Naraku” and focused on the Red Scabbards running into Orochi and Fukurokuju in the castle.

Fukurokuju advises Orochi to stand back so that he can deal with the Samurai himself; however, Orochi refuses, arguing how leaving now would mean Fukurokuju’s death and Kaidou softened them up anyways, so it will be a relatively easy fight.

Orochi discusses how he will overlook Kyoshiro’s treachery and transforms; “He tells the seven of them that they do not scare him in their wounded state and he will kill them as payback for haunting him as ghosts for twenty years.”

When is the manga series returning?

After its extended hiatus, the One Piece manga series is finally almost back on its regular weekly broadcast.

The series took a break last month so that Eiichiro Oda could visit the South African set of Netflix’s live-action series and prepare for the final story arc in the series.

As confirmed by Viz Media and Manga Plus, One Piece chapter 1054 will release on Sunday, July 24th from the following times:

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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