Luffy is finally back, and now, he’ll show Kaido his true potential in One Piece episode 1051, titled ‘A Legend All Over Again! Luffy’s fist Roars in the sky.’ The much-awaited episode of the anime adaptation of the longest-running manga has already got a release date, and here, we will discuss the same.

Previously, we see Momonusuke in his dragon form in front of Kaido. However, he gets scared in the beginning, but then Luffy motivates him to fight Kaido. On the other side, the Flower Kingdom’s people enjoy the festival.

The preview for the upcoming episode teases the fierce fight between Kaido and Luffy that will definitely make every fan jump off their seats.

When will One Piece Episode 1051 get released?

One Piece Episode 1051 will release on Sunday, February 12, 2023, at 11:00 AM in Japan. After 90 minutes of its release in Japan, it will get released on Crunchyroll for International fans. The release timing will vary due to the time differences, and here, we have given the time schedule that will help you to see when the episode will come out in your region.

Chapter 1050 of the anime sees Momonusuke trying his best to give Kaido a hard time

Yamato gets relieved with the return of Luffy to the battlefield. Simultaneously, Luffy thanked Yamato for handling Kaido when he was not around. Kaido wonders how did Luffy survive his past attacks. He then transforms into his dragon form, and when he spots a pink dragon in front of him, he shows interest in knowing who he is. Momo fears initially, but then he reveals his name to Kaido and says he is the one who will be the ruler of Wano country.

Hitetsu and Toko participate in the festivities with the Flower kingdom’s people. Toko remembers her adoptive father, whereas Hitetsu is concerned for Tama, who has gone to a battlefield in Onigashima.

Queen receives an update regarding Luffy and Kaido’s fight on the rooftop, and other people present in the Skull Dome also come to know about it. On the other side, Jack and Perospero seem to lose in the battle with Inuarashi and Nekomamushi.

The following clip takes us back to the rooftop where Kaido is about to release a fire attack on Momo, and Luffy encourages the pink dragon to do the same to the opponent. In starting Momo is scared, but then Luffy motivates him to bite Kaido. Remembering the pain he and his family have to endure because of Kaido, Momo bites him. Later, when Kaido is about to release another attack on him, Luffy punches him hard. Then, he appreciates Momo for biting Kaido and says that if he can defeat such a potent opponent, he doesn’t have to be afraid of anything.

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