One Piece anime finally showed us the clash between Kaidou and Luffy in the chapter that was released last weekend. Now, everyone wants to know when the next chapter, i.e., Chapter 1052, will get released.

In the anime‘s previous episode, we see Luffy motivating Momonusuke to bite Kaidou, and after that, he himself gets into a fight with the blue dragon. Meanwhile, Momo and Yamato put their efforts into preventing Onigashima from falling. On the other hand, Sanji and Zoro’s battle against the king and queen continues.

Well, Luffy and Kaidou’s fight is still ongoing, so let’s find out when the upcoming anime episode will come out globally.

When will One Piece Episode 1052 get released?

One Piece Episode 1052 will be released in Japan on Sunday, February 19, 2023, at 11:00 PM JST, and Crunchyroll will get the episode for fans outside Japan. However, you must follow the below time schedule:

A recap of Chapter 1051 explained

Luffy inspires all the fighters, including Zoro and Sanji, who try their best to overpower the king and queen. On another side, Yamato and Momo follow Luffy’s instructions and aim toward saving Onigashima. While everyone was fulfilling their responsibilities, Luffy and Kaidou’s clash created an explosion, due to which the clouds get divided into two parts, and the night sky came out clear.

Due to the explosion, Nekomamushi and Inaurashi get transformed back into their Sulong forms. The latter slashed the arm of Perospero using his Neko Niko Ban sword style, and the former beat Jack using his unique sword style, Inu Spire. As Jack is an All-Star, Orochi gets terrified seeing him getting defeated.

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