One Piece has been delivering some great episodes ever since Luffy’s battle with Kaido began in the anime. Every week, fans get to see intense battles, including each member of Straw Hats, and now, everyone is expecting the same from episode 1054. However, fans will have to wait a couple of more weeks to get the next episode.

Toei Animation has done a spectacular job with the animation of the One Piece anime series. Recently, each episode of the anime has delivered movie-level animation and voice acting.

With anime that follows a weekly release schedule and continues to go on for years, giving fans such incredible quality is incredibly rare. But if there’s one studio that has the resources to do such a thing, it’s definitely Toei. However, some circumstances force the creators to announce breaks, like in this instance.

One Piece Episode 1054 Delay Explained

As reported by OroJapan on Twitter, One Piece will be on a break for two weeks between February 26th and March 19th. That means, after the release of episode 1053 on February 26th, the anime will take a short hiatus, and it will return with episode 1054 on March 19th.

The reason for this hiatus is not something like production issues or COVID, which has been a common occurrence with several anime shows recently, including NieR Automata. In fact, Toei Animation announced the break because of scheduling issues. Apparently, the local channels in Japan will host the National marathon, and Toei couldn’t find any empty slots to broadcast a new episode of One Piece.

Of course, it’s saddening that the anime will soon go on a two-week break, especially during a time when the story is at its peak because of Luffy and Kaido’s ongoing fight. However, the good thing is that we know precisely when the anime will come back on our screens. And maybe, Toei will use the extra time to give us even more spectacular animation in the forthcoming episodes.

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