Fans are going crazy after the official Twitter account has released a brand new poster of the upcoming film, One Piece Film: Red. It’s the 15th movie of the One Piece franchise that’s getting a theatrical release in Japan. The film was initially announced on November 21st, 2021. Interestingly, it comes with a new story that doesn’t connect with the other films in the franchise. It will also introduce you to several new characters, including Uta, Red-haired Shanks’ daughter.

One Piece Film: Red will basically focus on Uta, who is considered to be the world’s most famous diva. The story starts on an island where Uta has her first live concert. That’s when she also reveals her true identity, which means she tells the audience that she’s the daughter of Red-Haired Shanks.

Furthermore, the film sees Elchiro Oda as the General Producer and Goro Taniguchi as the director. This will be the second One Piece film to see Taniguchi taking on directorial responsibilities. Apart from that, Taniguchi is the one who was behind the animation of the fan-favourite Luffy.

One Piece Film Red |Teaser Trailer

One Piece Film Red |Teaser Trailer

One Piece Film: Red Release Date

One Piece Film: Red is scheduled to get an IMAX release in Japanese theatres on August 6, 2022.

However, before that, the film will get a world premiere at Tokyo’s Nippon Budokan on July 22, 2022. Meanwhile, for international fans, the release date will vary. As per the official Twitter account of Pathe Films, the film will release in France on August 10, 2022. The Thai Anime distributor will release the film in Thailand on August 25, 2022.

On the other hand, Toei Animation announced via a Twitter post that One Piece Film: Red will see an Italian national release in Autumn 2022.

North America, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia will get a release date in fall 2022 via Crunchyroll. However, the studio has yet to reveal an exact release date for these regions. Since the release window has been confirmed, we can expect a US release date soon after the movie’s release in Japan.

While it’s confirmed that One Piece Film: Red will get a theatrical release in several regions by the end of this year, there’s currently no news on the film’s streaming release.

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