The spoilers for One Piece‘s upcoming chapter revealed Shaka’s death, and due to the character’s brief appearance, not much is known about him. So, fans grow curious to know about Shaka ahead of his death sequence.

In One Piece Chapter 1062, we came to know that Vegapunk has made his six counterparts in the form of satellites. Shaka is the number 1 satellite embodying Vegapunk’s good side. However, this character did not receive much spotlight, and despite being Vegapunks’ most powerful clone, he remained underrated.

Who is Shaka in One Piece?

One Piece‘s Shaka has a height similar to Sanji, and a metal helmet covers his face, so since his introduction in the manga, his face is never shown. Being a good counterpart of Dr. Vegapunk, Shaka always shows gratitude towards others, including Straw Hat Pirates. For instance, when the evil satellite Lilith wants to harm Luffy’s gang, he stops her by saying this would defame the scientist.

Besides this, Shaka always stays cautious about any danger that comes his way. For instance, even though Straw Hat Pirates assured him to help him save Vegapunk, he did not completely trust them before testing their intentions.

Shaka has also been an active part of most of the Vegapunks’ inventions and technological developments. That’s why he is the most powerful and skilled satellite that can also sense what’s happening with other satellites. For instance, if something was happening with any satellite, Shaka could share the information with the remaining satellites.

The latest events in One Piece have fans worried about the character

The spoilers for the next chapter of One Piece show Shaka’s head exploding, but fans don’t seem to accept the fact that the most intelligent and powerful satellite of Vegapunk is dead. Several fans on Reddit have also said that they will not believe that he is dead until Shaka’s entire head is shown exploding. In contrast, several fans have also posted on Twitter that Shaka can’t be dead this soon, and we might get to see him resurrecting himself in the further chapters.

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