After a month’s break, One Punch Man is finally coming back with Chapter 171, and here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming chapter’s release schedule.

Generally, the author of One Punch Man prefers taking breaks after completing one arc so that they can then work on the next arc. So, Yusuke Murata did the same thing, and after completing the Monster Association Arc, he took the manga on a month’s hiatus.

Murata recently updated the upcoming chapter’s release date via his Twitter account. Moreover, the new chapter will also mark the beginning of an exciting arc featuring Neo Heroes. So, what date will Chapter 171 of One Punch Man be released?

One Punch Man Chapter 171: Release date

One Punch Man Chapter 171 will be officially released in Japan on Thursday, September 22, 2022. Following the manga’s release in the Japanese language, the English-translated version will be released shortly. So, if the author releases the chapter around midnight, several international fans will get the chapter on September 21, 2022, because of the time difference.

Curious fans who can’t wait can check the raw scans on Reddit 2-3 days before its official release.

What happened in One Punch Man Monster Association arc?

One Punch Man Monster Association arc was one of the finest arcs created by the author. After Garou discovers that he possesses God-like powers, he intends to become a monster, laying the foundation for some intense fights between Bang-Garou, and Saitama-Orochi.

Garou’s evil side killed Tareo, who was the one person Garou cared about. So, after losing him, Garou became hopeless and asked for help from Saitama. The Monster Association arc also showed Garou teaching Saitama to time travel. Going on a path of redemption, Garou also sacrifices his powers.

Saitama manages to reverse the time and rectify all the wrongdoings of Garou, leaving him with Bang, who now has to look after him.

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