Denji’s Chainsaw Man has won the hearts of millions ever since the anime was released in 2022. However, only hardcore fans of the show would have noticed his cameo in My Hero Academia.

Izuku Midoriya and his friends have been busy dealing with All For One and his team, so it does not come as a surprise that he has called for all the help he can get from other superheroes. While Deku already has the support of his buddies Katsuki Bakugou, Shoto Todoroki, and more, it appears that author Kohei Horikoshi decided to seek some assistance from none other than the Chainsaw Man himself.

Chainsaw Man makes a cameo in My Hero Academia

Eagle-eyed manga lovers would have noticed the cameo long before it was adapted into the anime. In Chapter 259 of My Hero Academia author Horikoshi showcases a group shot of all the heroes who are part of the MHA universe.

Some familiar faces include Kinoko Komori, Fat Gum, Kamui Woods, and others. Right next to Fat Gum fans can spot Chainsaw Man.

The same is shown in season 6 of the anime. One can say that the Chainsaw Man’s appearance in the MHA universe could be due to Horikoshi’s love for the character. However, he has never openly discussed the cameo.

Chainsaw Man in the manga and anime are different

Fans who have read the chapter in the manga and seen the anime would have noticed that the Chainsaw Man portrayed in the two are very different.

The manga has the original character profile of the Chainsaw Man, that is, readers would notice Denji’s forehead, arms, and legs, turning into a chainsaw.

However, the anime substitutes a chainsaw for a knife. This does not come as a surprise as there could have been legal issues if the original character sketch was used for the series as Chainsaw Man anime was announced to the world.

Can these two universes ever combine?

While the idea of having the power of Chainsaw Man and One For All under one roof seems exciting, in reality, it may not be possible.

Chainsaw Man is set in 1997 and in an alternative universe. Here, things like Holocaust, nuclear weapons, and AIDS have been erased from history because these devils were consumed by the Chainsaw devil.

My Hero Academia, on the other hand, is set in the future, somewhere around the 2100s or later. Given that these two superheroes exist in parallel universes, the chances of them coming together seem dim. Nonetheless, you never know what may happen in the world of anime.

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