Oshi No Ko is an anime series that has become a trending topic among fans because of its perplexing plotline and amazing visuals.

The story of the anime starts with a sixteen-year-old idol, who gets pregnant with twins, but she doesn’t disclose the name of the person who was responsible for her pregnancy. She decides to raise her children as a single parent. However, in public, she referred to her children as the children of the president of her agency.

For years things were going as planned, but one day we saw Ai speaking to someone on the phone. The way she was speaking clearly hinted that it was the father of her kids, Aqua and Ruby. Later, Ai was murdered by an obsessed fan who wasn’t happy to know about her kids. Initially, everyone believed that she was just murdered by a psycho fan, and it wasn’t something surprising for the Entertainment industry to witness. But later, when Aqua connected the dots, we learned that it might be Ai’s former lover who hired the person to kill her.

Well, as the anime series has not revealed anything about the person, we have provided the spoilers from the manga that will let you know about the person responsible for the teenager’s pregnancy.

Who is the father of Aqua and Ruby?

In the Oshi No Ko manga Chapter 96, it’s revealed that a man named Hikaru Kamiki (whom we haven’t seen in the anime yet) is the father of the twins. The chapter also shows that Akane, Aqua’s girlfriend, reveals to him that he has seen someone who resembles Aqua. After that, Hikaru’s horrifying identity also gets disclosed.

Hikaru is a sadist who first traps girls with his affectionate personality and then kills them. He did the same with Ai. As the anime showed that the stalker who killed Ai had previously killed her gynecologist, it’s clear that the father didn’t want Ai to have the children. Secondly, it’s worth noting that Ai gets killed the day she calls to inform him that the kids have grown up and he should visit them at least once. That clearly states Hikaru is the mastermind for everything that has happened to Ai.

Hikaru’s childhood trauma became the reason for his Perverted personality

When Hikaru was 11 years old, a female idol used him for fun, and due to that experience, he became mentally unstable. So, growing up, he developed a twisted personality that made him enjoy his victims’ deaths.

In front of the public, he doesn’t show his true colors, in fact, publically, he is someone who can be trusted easily. But his cruel self gets revealed when he manipulates disturbed people to work for him, and he uses them to commit murders.

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