The first episode of Oshi No Ko Episode 2 introduced us to characters like Aqua, Ruby, and the most fascinating and lovable character we’ve seen in the anime in a while, Ai. These three were the main focus of the first episode, but some other characters also caught our attention, like Kana Arima. So, who exactly is Kana Arima, and why is she so fascinated with Aqua? Well, here’s the answer you are looking for.

Oshi No Ko gave us a good idea about Kana Arima in the premiere episode. She acted in a low-budget yet ambitious film with Aqua, and everyone was intimidated by her presence. However, we got to see the teenage version of Arima in episode 2, and let’s just say that she sparkled even more than she did in the first. 

Oshi No Ko Kana Arima Character Explained

In the first anime episode itself, we learn that Kana Arima is a child prodigy who can even shy away from adult actors with her acting skills. Her ability to cry in an instant while acting was the central aspect that got her acting jobs. 

However, she was too confident and always treated everyone else around her pathetically, and that’s why she started getting fewer job offers after a while. Even then, she never accepted the fact that other children could do better than her in acting. And, well, that perspective changed (or her ego shattered) when she acted alongside Aqua. Aqua’s simple yet bone-chilling acting made her realize how good of an actor he is. Not only Aqua broke Arima’s ego, but he also made the child actress a fan of his.

Arima, like Aqua and Ruby, enrolled in the Entertainment course and dreamed of becoming a good actor. She always thought of Aqua when working on her acting skills, and in a way, that experience with Aqua humbled her. That’s why she appeared more polite and likable in the second episode. She remembered Aqua only by listening to his name – that’s how much she idolized Ai’s son.

Kana Arima’s Voice Actor Explained

Megumi Han, the brilliant Japanese voice actor who played Gon Freecs in Hunter x Hunter, has been voicing Kana Arima. Apart from that, she also carved her name in the industry by voicing in shows like Naruto Shippuden, Mobile Suit Gundam, Steins; Gate 0, Fruits Basket, and many more. So, judging by Megumi Han’s previous work, we can safely say that Kana Arima’s character arc in the upcoming episodes will be substantial.

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