Oshi No Ko premiered last week, and it did not take much time to overtake the viewership of Fullmetal Alchemist, becoming the No. 1 show on MyAnime List.

When someone starts with the first episode of the anime series, they can’t even think that the show is going to take them on a wild ride. It has everything, be it comedy, murder, and rebirth. Its story is not as simple as it looks.

Ai Hoshino, the most loved idol in Tokyo and the beloved Oshi No Ko character, gets impregnated by a mysterious man, and when she makes the decision to give birth to the children, she gets stalked by someone to the hospital. The stalker kills Garou, Ai’s doctor, by pushing him off a cliff. After the delivery, Ai starts living with her twins peacefully. She got support from the agency’s president and his wife. However, one day, when she opens her new apartment door, she gets stabbed by the same person who killed Garou years ago. So, who is the hooded person?

Who stabbed Ai in Oshi No Ko?

One day, before her performance at the Dome event, Ai’s doorbell rings. She thinks that it must be the president and his wife, so she opens the door. A person in a hood shows up at the door, and after handing her a bouquet of flowers, he stabs her in the abdominal area with a knife. He starts blaming Ai for hiding the truth of her affair from her fans. He also says that her fans love her, but she doesn’t care about their feeling.

In all of the arguments, it came out that the killer’s name was Ryusuke.

Ai, in her pathetic condition, continues saying that she loves her fans with all her heart. She also says that she did not want her fans to get hurt, and to make them happy, she kept on telling lies. Hearing this from Ai’s mouth, Ryusuke escaped the crime scene and committed suicide.

We later learn in the show that Ryusuke was an average college student who was obsessed with Ai. He spent most of his adult life thinking about Ai and made an image of her in his mind. When Ai didn’t live up to that standard, he got furious, and someone from Ai’s past used his emotions to get rid of Ai.

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