Everything you need to know about Oshi No Ko episode 9 including the synopsis, preview trailer, and launch time on HiDive.

Oshi No Ko has been dominating the 2023 Spring weekly anime charts, with episode 9 set to mark an important chapter in the series so far.

The new episode will see the ‘Dating Reality Show Arc’ come to an end, with the next part of the saga being the ‘First Concert Arc’ set to focus on the reformation of the iconic B-Komachi group.

Here is everything that fans need to know about Oshi No Ko episode 9, including the preview trailer, synopsis, release date, streaming, and most importantly, the international release time.

Memcho pulls a cute pose whilst talking with Aqua
Oshi No Ko/Doga Kobo/anime_oshinoko YouTube channel

Oshi No Ko episode 9 release date, time and how to watch

Oshi No Ko episode 9 is scheduled to premiere around the world on Wednesday, June 14.

The new episode will be broadcast for domestic audiences in Japan at 11 PM local time before launching internationally via the HiDive streaming platform from the following times:

HiDive offers a seven-day free trial of their premium service, after which an active subscription of either $4.99 a month or $47.99 a year will be required to gain access to new Oshi No Ko episodes.

Kana looks nervous as Aqua hands her a bottle of water
Oshi No Ko/Doga Kobo/anime_oshinoko YouTube channel

Oshi No Ko episode 9 synopsis, trailer and manga chapters

The preview trailer for Oshi No Ko episode 9 was shared to the anime series’ official YouTube channel on June 13, you can watch it below.

The synopsis for episode 9, titled ‘B Komachi’, as shared by the official website, reads:

“Memcho originally dreamed of becoming an idol. She is popular, well-known, and has no contractual problems, making her the perfect new member of B-Komachi, but she has a secret…!”

HiDive’s will also provide another synopsis for the next Oshi No Ko episode closer to the launch time.

Oshi No Ko episode 9 is expected to adapt chapters 32, 33, and 34 of the original manga series, with the final pages of chapter 32 marking the end of the Dating Reality Show story arc, and chapter 33 marking the start of The First Concert arc.

How many episodes are left from season 1?

Including episode 9, there are just three episodes left to be broadcast from Oshi No Ko season 1:

Whilst Oshi No Ko fans will be sad to see the series end its weekly simulcast on the 2023 Spring broadcast slate, it should only be a matter of time before a second season is confirmed to be in production.

Not only is there plenty of original source material from the manga series left to adapt, we are around one-quarter of the way through the entire story so far, but the anime is easily popular enough to merit another season going into production.

Not only is the series the second highest-rated anime of the 2023 Spring slate, only behind Demon Slayer, but the manga has also seen a dramatic increase in the number of sold copies since its launch.

In fact, Oshi No Ko is the ninth highest-selling manga of 2023 so far, according to a new report from Oricon:

  1. Blue Lock – 8,046,032 copies sold
  2. Chainsaw Man – 4,492,906 copies sold
  3. Slam Dunk – 4,199,966 copies sold
  4. Jujutsu Kaisen – 3,757,215 copies sold
  5. One Piece – 3,550,097 copies sold
  6. Spy x Family – 2,688,171 copies sold
  7. Tokyo Revengers – 2,622,078 copies sold
  8. My Hero Academia – 1,887,507 copies sold
  9. Oshi No Ko – 1,690,722 copies sold
  10. Kingdom – 1,569,434 copies sold

Coupling the success of the series with the availability of source material, a season 2 of Oshi No Ko is all-but guaranteed at this point.

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