Record Of Ragnarok is back with Part 2 of Season 2, and while the list of fight between Gods vs Humans continue, the upcoming episodes will see Buddha as the savior of humanity.

The hit Netflix show is all set to make a return on July 12 with the final five episodes for the season, and the latest trailer has managed to create quite a buzz on social media among the anime fans. While it is unclear who will win the war between the Gods and humans, Record Of Ragnarok definitely promises powerful upcoming episodes.

Disclaimer: The article contains spoiler for Record Of Ragnarok

Part 2 will see Buddha showing his true power

The Part 1 of Season 2 ended with Buddha stepping in to fight the Gods and aid the mankind. Seeing him in the ring, the hearts of every fan raced as they eagerly awaited to see who would go against the God himself.

Now, with the show making a return with Part 2, people can finally witness the ultimate fight between two Gods. The upcoming episodes will see Buddha going against Bishamonten (God of Fortune) /Zerofuku (God of misfortune). The intense fight is definitely expected to keep fans glued to the screen, however, things get more interesting when Buddha has to also go against Hajun, Demon Lord of the Sixth Heaven.

With the mankind having two wins out of five, Buddha’s helping hand makes him no less than a savior for the humans, but if it would be enough is something that fans need to lookout for.

Note: The upcoming details are spoilers from the manga.

List of other upcoming fights

The battle between God and the humans is far from over even after Buddha’s fight. It is quite possible that the remaining fights will be laid out in season 3 of the show.

If so, the season will focus on Qin Shi Huang, the founder of the Qin dynasty vs Hades, Greek deity, Nikola Tesla, a renowned scientist vs Beelzebub, Philistine Pantheon deity, and lastly, Leonidas, a Spartan Warrior vs Apollo, Greek deity.

Who has won so far

Till now, there have been five fights that have taken place and these are viewed across season 1 and season 2 Part 1.

The first fight was between Lü Bu vs Thor which lasted for 16 Minutes and 28 Seconds. The two gave each other an eye-for-an-eye match, but it was Thor who took home the win.

The next fight was between Adam vs Zeus which lasted for 7 Minutes and 13 Seconds. The progenitor of Humanity had his roots connected to the God but that did not help him win the battle. Due to this, Gods bagged another win.

However, things quickly changed when Kojiro Sasaki stepped inside the ring to face Poseidon. The fight lasted for 13 Minutes and 7 Seconds but it helped Kajiro prove to the world and the deities that humans are no less as he bagged the first win for the mankind.

Humans saw another win when Jack the Ripper went against Heracles. The 26 Minutes and 57 Seconds fight saw humanity placing their trust in a serial killer. While their consciousness was tested, Jack the Ripper brought another win.

However, Gods managed to get back into the game with Shiva destroying Raiden Tameemon in their 11 Minutes and 16 Seconds fight. Now, with five more fights remaining, one has to wait and see if humanity can survive.

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