Here’s a piece of good news for all the Resident Evil fans. Yes, we are talking about the release of the upcoming American TV series based on the legendary video game series. Netflix is coming up with the anticipated horror sci-fi TV series soon, and here’s everything you need to know about its release schedule.

The production of the TV series began in 2019, but it wasn’t formally announced until 2020. Also, we had to wait for Netflix Geeked Week 2022 to get the show’s first trailer.

Resident Evil | Official Teaser 2

Resident Evil | Official Teaser 2

Resident Evil TV Series Release Date, Time and Total Episodes

The horror TV series will officially come out on Netflix on Thursday, July 14, 2022, at 12:00 AM PST. The first season will have eight episodes that will land on the streaming platform altogether. That means fans won’t have to wait for a new episode every week.

As usual, the show’s release time on Netflix will vary depending on your region. Anyway, to avoid any perplexity, you can follow the below schedule that will help you to track the show’s release in different regions.

The plot of the TV series explored

The upcoming American TV series doesn’t have any connection with the film series of the franchise. However, video games of the franchise serve as the backstory of the series.

The TV series has two storylines set in different timelines- 2022 and 2036. The former timeline follows Jade and Billie, the daughters of Albert Wesker, unleashing the dark secrets of Umbrella Corporation. In contrast, 2036 sees the grown-up daughters of Albert getting stuck in the world where streets are filled with Zombies.

Furthermore, the TV series will be set in the world that was destroyed in the video games back in 1998. Even though the show has several similarities with video games, it will feature a storyline that we haven’t seen in any video game or previous live-action adaptation.

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