Resident Evil Season 1 dropped the eight episodes altogether on the streaming giant Netflix on July 14, 2022. The season ended by showing Jade getting shot in her gut by Billie and the latter abducting Jade’s daughter. Hence, fans wonder what will happen next, so they demand a Season 2 of the video-game-based TV series.

Several things need to be talked about from the first season. For instance, the T-Virus is out of the Umbrella Corporation, and the Wesker sisters in 2036 timeline doesn’t share the same bond anymore. Well, there are high possibilities that the makers will bring the show back on Netflix. However, if we pay some attention to the reviews and ratings, the series has received mixed reactions from the viewers. So, basically, the renewal might depend highly on the viewership.

Resident Evil | Official Teaser 2

Resident Evil | Official Teaser 2

Will Season 2 of the Resident Evil TV Series’ happen?

At the time, no official statement is out regarding the renewal of Season 2. In an interview with Den of Geek, showrunner Andrew Dabb revealed that according to him, the show would be sticking for a long time. He also stated that he would be more than happy to beat his record of giving around 15 seasons to a TV Show.

Furthermore, Dabb disclosed that he feels good about having new characters in the show, but he also wants to bring some legacy characters from the video game. In the interview, Andrew spoke:

“We have original ideas, but there are also legacy characters that we want to bring into our show,” Dabb explains. “Season 1 is about, okay, let’s set everything up. Here are these new characters, and hopefully everybody likes and enjoys them. Now, what happens when they meet ‘Character X’ from the games? There’s a lot of really fun stuff to explore, and my hope is that the show runs for a really long time.”

From the interview, it’s clear that Dabb and his team have a lot of fresh ideas that are good to go for a second season. However, for proceeding with the new season, all they need is a green signal from Netflix.

Ada Wong will hopefully arrive in the next season

Before getting an honorable death, Albert Wesker hands over a letter to his daughters. The letter instructed them to go and meet Ada Wong residing in Japan.

So, who is Ada Wong? Well, she is a spy who initially made an appearance in the 1998 video game Resident Evil 2. Later, she also appeared in Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, and more. Apart from these, she made a screen adaptation debut in 2012 in Resident Evil: Retribution, where she portrayed the role of Li Bingbing.

In the video games, Wong is portrayed as a mysterious character who shares a chemistry with Leon S Kennedy. So, it would be interesting to see how Ada helps Jade in Resident Evil Season 2.

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