The Boys Season 3 Episode 8 showcased Soldier Boy getting captured by the boys’ gang. After witnessing the scene, fans have started wondering, is it the end of Soldier Boy, or will he return in the forthcoming season?

Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Boys Season finale

The season finale of the TV show came out with several twists and showed us the much-anticipated face-off between Soldier Boy and Homelander. Previously, we learn that Homelander is Soldier Boy’s son, but that doesn’t change anything, and the Soldier still intended to kill Homelander. In fact, the final episode showed Homelander trying to manipulate Soldier Boy by calling him family, but Soldier Boy calls him a disappointment. Later, their argument turned into a showdown.

Does Soldier Boy die in The Boys Season 3?

Season Finale of The Boys takes us to the Vought Tower, where we see Queen Maeve, Butcher, and Soldier Boy standing against Homelander. At the time, we also saw Homelander trying to convince Soldier Boy to be on his side. He also introduced Soldier Boy to Ryan, but nothing worked. After that, when Soldier Boy attacked Homelander, Ryan came in between; however, he ended up getting hurt. Seeing Ryan hurt, Butcher went against Soldier Boy, and Queen Maeve got into a conflict with Homelander.

On the other side, the episode showed Frenchie and Kimiko arranging a nerve gas that could help them to bring Soldier Boy on his knees. The gang succeeds in capturing him, and we see the hero is locked in a static chamber. Hence, it’s clearly seen that Soldier Boy is not dead; he has been kept in captivity.

Since Soldier Boy is still alive, it’s safe to assume that the show writers intend to bring him back in future seasons. Also, it would be crazy not to bring back a megastar like Jensen Ackles in Season 4.

It’s hard to say if Solider Boy will be the main focus of the upcoming season, but we can expect him to make a comeback at some point. There are chances that, again, he’ll break the chamber, or maybe someone will break him out for some personal objective. That said, there’s no official statement from Prime Video or Erik Kripke regarding Soldier Boy’s future, so we’ll have to wait for Season 4 to get more answers.

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