For years, many fans have agreed that Ron Weasley’s potential to be great was ignored in the Harry Potter movies. We break down seven times the movies could have developed the character better and showcased his great abilities.

The much-loved trio, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger, battled through blood and tears to save the world from Voldemort’s sinister plans. But if you’re a huge fan of Ron (like many of us), you might feel that the movies failed the character on more than one occasion.

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He is a great quidditch keeper

One of the biggest things that the movie could have highlighted is Ron’s abilities in Quidditch. Despite coming across as unconfident, he is a great quidditch player who becomes Keeper of Gryffindor’s Quidditch team in his fifth year at Hogwarts.

While the books showcase this achievement better, the fifth-year Quidditch season is shortened in the movie and Ron’s potential to shine in the team is lost.

He is good at strategy and wizard matters

Hermione and Harry both have impressive skills but it’s significant to note that Ron is a strategic thinker with a keen sense for strategy and different wizard matters.

He showed what an excellent chess player he was after he managed to beat the massive chess challenge in the Philosopher’s Stone. Another notable difference was that Ron offered an explanation of what “mudblood” was, whereas in the movie Hermione already knew the meaning.

Ron’s spotlight in the family was stolen

Ron’s spotlight in the Weasley family was constantly stolen by the achievements of his older brothers. For some reason, Ron was always perceived as the least favorite Weasley among some of his relatives which was unfair because he was a really good brother and friend.

He is a calmer character in the books

Despite the movies showing Ron in regular panic mode, he is a much calmer character in the books. In the Philosopher’s Stone, Ron kept his calm and reminded Hermione that she can use light to beat the Devil’s Snare.

He fought with a broken leg

The Prisoner of Azkaban book was one of the books that showcased Ron’s strength and bravery. While in the movie, Hermione defends Harry from Sirius Black, Ron is the one who stood up for his friend with a broken leg.  

Ron was a closer friend of Harry

Finding iconic friendship trios like Harry, Ron, and Hermione, is rare. But one notable difference in the movies was that Ron was a much closer and more loyal friend to Harry than Hermione.

In the books, Ron is the one who understands and supports Harry but the films have often depicted Harry and Hermione as stronger BFFs.

Ron and Hermione needed a stronger chemistry

The movies did Ron and Hermione wrong because they were one of the most fan-favorite couples in the series. Their chemistry didn’t shine through and many fans feel that this could change in the upcoming Harry Potter TV series.

As one fan noted under a post on Harry Potter’s Instagram page: “TV series Ron and Hermione should have good chemistry. In the movies, Hermione had all the chemistry with Harry but ended up with Ron which was weird.”

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