Marvel’s latest addition, She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, has landed on Disney Plus, and the first episode of the TV show left everyone stunned by its comedy scenes. Well, here we have discussed whether the show has a mid-credits scene. Mostly, Marvel adds a mid or post-credit scene to the films and not in every TV series episode.

Apart from discussing the mid-credit scenes, we will also talk about the ending of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Episode 1. So, if you are intrigued to know about it, then be with us and keep scrolling till the end.

She Hulk: Attorney At Law | Official Trailer | DisneyPlus Hotstar

She Hulk: Attorney At Law | Official Trailer | DisneyPlus Hotstar

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Does She-Hulk: Attorney at Law comes with a Mid-Credit or Post-Credit scene?

If we talk about She-Hulk, aka Jennifer Walters’ primary concern in the show, then that’s knowing if Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, is a virgin or not. Well, that’s what the mid-credits are all about. The brother and sister Hulk are sitting in the Bruce Bar and drinking. Thanks to the Hulk metabolism, as explained to Jen by Bruce earlier in the episode.

The duo talks about Steve Roger’s virginity in their drinking state. Jen is crying and saying she can’t digest that Steve Rogers, who has saved the world plenty of times, died a virgin. Seeing his sister crying, Hulk revealed that Steve did not die a virgin. He continued by saying that Steve had lost his virginity to a girl on the USO tour in 1943. Hearing this, a non-crying She-Hulk started cheering by saying yes, I knew it. This scene suggests that She-Hulk wasn’t crying in reality; it seems she wanted Hulk to reveal everything he knows about the matter.

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Ending Explained

From the very beginning of the episode, Jennifer Walters stated several times that she doesn’t want to be a superhero as she wants to grow in her lawyer career. So, while she was hulking around on the isolated beach where Hulk had lived for several years, she had an intense fight with her brother as she wanted to return to her previous life, and Hulk wasn’t letting her go.

After Hulk finally decides to let her go, Jen returns to her old life, and we are taken back to Los Angeles, where she has a case hearing. Just when she was about to give her closing argument, someone from behind rushed into the courtroom by breaking the wall. Well, at first, Jen went hiding, but when her friend provoked her to fight the woman, she did the same and punched her.

Well, the mysterious woman’s identity will most probably be revealed in the next episode. So, to know about her, we must wait for a week as the second episode will land on the platform on August 25, 2022.

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