She-Hulk Episode 7 was one of the most entertaining episodes of the TV show, as it showed several new supervillains from Marvel. Of course, fans are growing desperate to see Daredevil in the show, but they did enjoy these cameo appearances.

Apart from that, the episode’s ending threw light on a criminal entity named HulkKing. Even though we do not have a picture of this mysterious character yet, we have discussed the theories related to HulkKing in this article.

She Hulk: Attorney At Law | Official Trailer | DisneyPlus Hotstar

She Hulk: Attorney At Law | Official Trailer | DisneyPlus Hotstar

Who is Hulk King in She-Hulk? Theories explored

In the Marvel comics, no such character has been created who owns the name HulkKing; if you search for HulkKing, the results will take you to a character known as Emperor Hulkling or Hulkling. The comic book character is half Skrull and half Kree, who landed on Earth to find a safe shelter. Hulkling goes by the name of Theodore Rufus, who joined Young Avengers after learning about his powers.

However, no evidence suggests that Hulkling may be the HulkKing teased in She-Hulk‘s seventh episode, despite their somewhat similar names. Also, in Marvel comics, Hulkling was a superhero, so it’s hard to say if Marvel Cinematic Universe will show Hulkling as a villain (even during the initial phase).

Another character that can come out as the HulkKing is The Leader, aka Samuel Sterns, played by Tim Blake Nelson in The Incredible Hulk. By taking Bruce Banner’s sample, Sterns injected it into Emil Blonsky, who transformed into Abomination. After the transformation, Abomination smashed Sterns on the ground, and accidentally, Banner’s blood got into his body, making his head grow in size.

The Leader is also confirmed to make a comeback in Captain America 4, which means the character is still alive in MCU. So, there are high possibilities of seeing him as HulkKing.

What Happened in She-Hulk Episode 7?

She-Hulk Episode 7 started showing Jen and Josh on several romantic dates before spending a night together at Jen’s apartment. The next day, Jen couldn’t find Josh after waking up, so she texted him but didn’t get a reply from the other end. She texted him several times, but Josh continued ghosting her.

One day, she got a call from Blonsky’s Parole officer, who wanted to check on him. However, he wasn’t sure whether Blonsky had turned into Abomination, so he asked Jen to visit him. As Jen was upset about not being able to reach out to Josh, she agreed to go to see Blonsky.

Reaching Blonsky’s wellness retreat, she crossed paths with Man-Bull, El Aguila, Saracen, Porcupine, and Wrecker. Seeing Wrecker, the episode took us to a flashback that showed Wrecker was the guy who attacked Jen previously on the show to steal her blood. Jen threw Wrecker to the ground, but he asked her for a second chance as he was trying to redeem himself.

Later, we see every supervillain present helping She-Hulk fight her insecurities, and she does it gracefully. However, when things were going great with Jen, we finally got to see a flashback that helped us find out the true colors of Josh. It seems Josh came close to Jen with evil intentions of stealing her blood along with her phone’s data. The episode also showed him texting someone named HulkKing with a smile.

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