She-Hulk Episode 7 has been released, bringing several Marvel characters, and one of those characters is Porcupine. So, who is Porcupine, and which actor played the role of the comic book character in MCU?

When Porcupine was rumored to appear in She-Hulk, fans assumed that we might get to see him as the bad guy in the Disney Plus TV show. However, as the character appeared in the latest episode of She-Hulk, we did not see him as a villain. Instead, he was seen as a supporting character who helped Jen Walters to get inner peace at the Abomination’s wellness retreat.

Well, if you want to learn more about Marvel’s Porcupine and the actor who played him in the TV show, you are at the right place.

She Hulk | Official Trailer | Disney+

She Hulk | Official Trailer | Disney+

Who is Porcupine in Marvel?

Porcupine is Alexander Gentry, a U.S Army Weapons designer, who worked for months to create a battle suit that would possess the abilities of a Porcupine. However, as soon as he realizes that he won’t be rewarded for his invention, he decides to use the suit for criminal activities to earn the fortune the suit deserves. That’s when he took the name Porcupine.

His first target was a bank with high-tech security by Dr. Henry Pym, aka Ant-Man, accompanied by Janet Van Dyne, aka the Wasp. However, using the quill tubes of the suit, Porcupine releases sleeping gas and knocks down Ant-Man, the Wasp, and the entire security of the bank.

Several ants spy on Porcupine and inform Ant-Man about where he planned to execute his second crime, leading the superhero to Porcupine. However, this time Porcupine defeated Ant-Man by throwing him into a water-filled bathtub. The Wasp rescued him, and the duo defeated Porcupine, but still, he managed to escape seeking vengeance.

Who played the role of Porcupine in She-Hulk?

Amongst the several new entries in She-Hulk, Porcupine and Man-Bull were heavily under the prosthetics and makeup, so fans were curious to know who was under the suit and makeup.

While Man-Bull is played by Legion’s actor Nathan Hurd, Porcupine is played by Jordan Aaron Ford, a theatre artist who has previously performed in Atlanta and Columbus.

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