She-Hulk concluded by revealing the identity of Hulkking while also introducing us to Skaar, Hulk’s son. Well, this article talks about Skaar in detail, so if you are someone who is intrigued to learn more about this new character, we have got you covered.

While Jen was having dinner with her family and Matt Murdock, everyone was surprised to see Hulk showing up. Another thing that came as a surprise was when Hulk said there was someone he wished to introduce to everyone. Well, it seems Skaar will take Hulk’s legacy forward in the MCU.

She Hulk: Attorney At Law | Official Trailer | DisneyPlus Hotstar

She Hulk: Attorney At Law | Official Trailer | DisneyPlus Hotstar

Who is Skaar?

Created by Greg Pak and John Romita Jr., Skaar is the son of Hulk and Caiera the Oldstrong. The latter conceived Skaar during Hulk’s time in Sakaar, Caiera’s home planet, between the time of Avengers: Age of Ultron and Thor: Ragnarok. After Hulk departed from the planet and Caeira died in an explosion, Skaar emerged from a cocoon and looked like a human boy. However, he transformed into an adult within a year due to his superheroic genes.

Skaar inherited similar powers from his father, including superhuman stamina, durability, enhanced senses, and strength. Apart from these, similar to Hulk, Skaar’s powers increase with his anger. However, he is not as stronger as the Hulk. Moreover, he also inherits several abilities from his mother, including lava mastery and the ability to control the stone of Earth.

Does Skaar have any future in MCU?

According to DIRECT, a new Hulk movie is rumored to be coming soon that will focus on the World War Hulk, which means Hulk’s time on the Sakaar planet will be explored. Hence, it makes sense that Skaar has been introduced in the MCU, and he will be the successor to Hulk in the universe.

Moreover, Marvel has already introduced several successors to iconic superheroes. For instance, in Thor: Love and Thunder, we meet Love, Thor’s adopted daughter. Similarly, Scott Lang’s daughter Cassie Lang is all set to appear in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Apart from that, Kate Bishop is all set to take the superhero mantle from Clint Barton. It seems Marvel is looking forward to introducing the next generation of superheroes in the MCU.

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