Sonic The Hedgehog will be racing against time to protect his friends and the multiverse from the evil Dr. Eggman in the upcoming 3D animated Netflix original series. This will be the sixth animated series based on the popular video game series.

It’s been 30 years since the beloved blue-skinned video game character Sonic came into existence. The character has entertained us in video games and given us several animated films and TV series. Well, here, we will be talking about the upcoming Sonic project that’s produced by WildBrain’s Vancouver studio, Man of Action Entertainment, and Sega.

Sonic Prime | Official Trailer

Sonic Prime | Official Trailer

When is Sonic Prime Season 1 coming out on Netflix?

Sonic Prime Season 1 will officially release on Netflix on Thursday, December 15, 2022, at 12:00 AM PT. The series will be released globally on the same day, but the release time will differ in different regions worldwide. The below time schedule should be followed to avoid misunderstandings related to the release timing of the series:

What is the upcoming animated series about?

Before beginning with the plot, we want to reveal that the upcoming animated series comes with a Sonic we need to familiarize ourselves with. To be precise, we have never seen our blue-skinned friend this way.

The official synopsis of Sonic Prime Season 1 states that Sonic will be responsible for the fate of the multiverse.

In an intense battle with Eggman, Sonic breaks Paradox Prism, due to which he gets teleported to a different world called Shatterverse. However, his alternate form does not exist in the new universe. While exploring the new world, he learns that his friends’ Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, and Tails exist there. The alternate versions of his friends could not recognize him as they had never heard of him before. Sonic has to prove himself and gain everyone’s trust so they can work together to defeat Dr. Eggman in his motives.

Moreover, Wildbrain will also come up with Sonic The Hedgehog‘s merchandise in early 2023. For this, they have appointed PMI as the product partner.

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