When will the mid-season finale of Spy x Family release on Crunchyroll and what has the preview revealed about episode 12?

It’s a day of mixed emotions for fans of the fantastic Spy x Family anime series.

On the one hand, season 1 part 1 is set to conclude with the release of episode 12; however, a second part is scheduled for later this year.

Whilst fans will be deeply saddened by the upcoming hiatus for the CloverWorks x Wit Studio adaptation, we can still look forward to the final cour 1 episode.

So, when will Spy x Family episode 12 release worldwide and why should fans be particularly excited for the mid-season finale?

Spy x Family episode 12: Release date and time

Episode 12 of the Spy x Family anime series is scheduled to premiere around the world on Saturday, June 25th.

The mid-season finale “Penguin Park” will release via Crunchyroll at 8:30 AM PT/11:30 AM ET/4:30 PM BST/5:30 PM CEST/ 11:30 PM PHT.

The mid-season finale will also be available as part of the third Blu-Ray DVD sales:

Episode 12 of the English dub is currently scheduled to release via Crunchyroll on Saturday, July 8th.

Preview for the mid-season finale shared online

The TV preview for Spy x Family episode 12 was featured after the ending theme on last week’s adventure and has since been posted on social media by the series’ Japanese Twitter page.

The title of episode 12 is “Penguin Park” which tells fans that the special “Extra Mission 1” manga chapter will feature, as at least, the first part of the broadcast.

Without going too far into spoiler territory, Extra Mission 1 is one of the most beloved chapters of the Spy x Family story, which was originally published back in July 2019.

The basic premise is that after thwarting another terrorist attack, Loid is struggling to balance his work as a secret spy and his responsibilities to both Anya and Yor.

To his despair, gossip even starts to spread amongst the residents of their building that Loid has either been fired or is having an affair, which is why he spends so little time with his family.

Realising that he is dropping the ball, Loid announces that the Forgers are having another ‘Ooting’ but this time, to the Aquarium…surely nothing exciting will happen surrounded by more than 200 penguins, right?

If you want a full summary of the manga chapter, the Spy x Family Fandom page has you covered, link here.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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