Spy X Family Episode 13 has arrived for online streaming, and now fans can’t wait to meet the Forger family in Episode 14. Here, we have disclosed the release schedule for the next episode of the much-awaited anime.

With the first episode of Spy X Family‘s second cour, the anime has entered the Doggy Crisis Arc, which is the sixth arc of the manga that runs from Chapter 18 to Chapter 23. Well, the newly released episode of the anime introduced us to the dog named Bond, who seems to have some extraordinary powers. Now, every curious fan is eager to know more about the dog and how he fits into the story. We can expect to see that in the upcoming episode.

Spy x Family Cour 2 | Official Trailer

Spy x Family Cour 2 | Official Trailer

When does Spy X Family Episode 14 Release?

Spy X Family Cour 2 will follow a similar release pattern as the first cour. That means we will get each episode after a break of one week.

Episode 14 of Spy X Family will come out on Crunchyroll on Saturday, October 8, 2022, at 11:30 PM EST. Simultaneously, the episode will air on Netflix for particular Asian regions. However, due to time differences in the global regions, the new episode will come out on the streaming platforms at the below time:

What happened in Episode 13?

The thirteenth chapter of Spy X Family, titled Project Apple, started with showing some men putting a big box carrying dogs in a four-wheeler. After that, the next scene takes us to the Forger’s apartment, where we see a thrilled Anya who can’t wait to go out with her parents to adopt a dog.

After reaching a pet shop, Anya encounters three military dogs, but her expression reveals that she doesn’t like them. So, Loid sends Anya and Yor to a dog adoption event. Meanwhile, he goes with one of the members of his organization for an emergency. Later, we see a white-furred dog saving a boy from getting hurt.

When Anya encounters the dog, she sees a glimpse of her family that, according to her, came out of the dog’s brain. So, she followed the dog and ended up getting in trouble as she was seen overhearing the conversation of the group of the assassins headed by Keith Kepler, the same person Loid and his organization are searching for. However, the white dog gets the perfect opportunity to show his smartness by running and taking Anya with him.

When the duo gets captured by Keith and his dog, Yor shows up and catches Anya saying that Anya is too young to get married (that’s because she thinks that Anya has been kidnapped and will be forced to get married).

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