Following the finale of The Book Of Boba Fett, the franchise wanted to give Star Wars fans one last surprise. What could be better than a goat trooper hashtag emoji? The new Twitter emojis were unveiled ahead of The Super Bowl, which commenced on Sunday evening, 13 February 2022.

Disney aired the GOAT commercial and it certainly wins the top spot for the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) advertisement. The ad features Marvel star Awkwafina who shares that the streaming service has the greatest movies and shows of all time, before giving a tour of the Disney+ offices.

Let’s discover what the new Star Wars Super Bowl emoji’s are, as Twitter becomes obsessed with the hilarious icons.

Star Wars unveils new Super Bowl emoji

Fans can now discover a surprise when tweeting about their favourite Disney+ GOATs. By using one of the hashtags, Twitter generates an adorable goat emoji. The hashtags include: #DisneyPlusGOATs, #DisneyGOATs, #PixarGOATs, #MarvelGOATs, #StarWarsGOATs, #NatGeoGOATs, #TheSimpsonsGOATs.

Disney has previously launched new Twitter hashtag emojis featuring characters from the Disney+ Star Wars series. Some of which include emoji versions of; “Mando” Din Djarin, “The Child” Baby Yoda, Cara Dune, Greef Karga, the Armorer, and Moff Gideon. Not to forget Mando’s ship, the Razorcrest, and the Mandalorian motto, “This is the way.”

However, this time around Disney has unveiled emojis related to other Star Wars icons. Such as those found in the recent Disney+ series, The Book Of Boba Fett. Meaning that Cad Bane now has his own Twitter emoji, this is a massive treat for Clone Wars fans.

Star Wars is not the only franchise we saw the advertisement delve into. There were goats dressed up as multiple different characters from; Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Walt Disney Animation, National Geographic, and other productions.

What were the different goats dressed as?

More than 30 goats are found in the promo video who are all dressed as fan-favourite characters. Including Captain America, Chewbacca, Olaf, Cruella, Woody, Free Solo, President Loki, and Homer Simpson. Surely you didn’t miss the flying goat which was a reference to the Pixar movie, UP. The advertisement even included some new Disney icons such as Encanto’s Mirabel.

The ultimate fan favourite goat was dressed as a Stormtrooper, which also became a Twitter emoji following the Super Bowl ad. This led many fans to tweet about the emojis during the gaps between the game. This got Star Wars to trend on Twitter; meaning it was a great marketing idea, but also made for some happy Star Wars fans.

Twitter is obsessed with Super Bowl GOAT emoji

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