Horror fans have much to thank Stephen King for but you may be surprised to learn of his potential role in ‘finding’ the breakout star of Stranger Things.

The King of Horror was a source of inspiration for the Duffer Brothers when conceptualizing Stranger Things. In fact, they supposedly wrote the script based on the premise, “What if Steven Spielberg directed a Stephen King book?” But Stephen King’s influence went far beyond just storytelling, as the lauded writer is said to have played a role in getting one of the lead actor’s cast.

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Stephen King praised Millie Bobby Brown years before Stranger Things

Two years before the release of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown starred as Madison O’Donnell in Intruders. This BBC America was written and created by Glen Morgan, the writer and executive producer of The X-Files.

Based on Michael Marshall Smith’s novel The Intruders (2007), it comes as no surprise that Stephen King tuned in to watch the show. It explores a secret society devoted to attaining immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others. With an evident supernatural feel, this show gave a young Millie Bobby Brown, credited as Millie Brown, to shine in a genre she would soon become known for.

King tweeted about Brown’s performance, praising it as “terrific.” King then added, “Is it my imagination, or are child actors a lot better than they used to be?”

When did Millie Bobby Brown audition for Stranger Things?

Millie Bobby Brown, along with the central Stranger Things cast, auditioned for the Netflix series in 2015. This was a year after Stephen King had heaped praise on the young actress’s performance in Intruders.

Born on February 19, 2004, Brown would’ve been around 11 years old when she auditioned for the show. This was the first major leading role Brown scored, having only two acting credits – one being Intruders – prior to being cast as Eleven.

The Duffer Brothers set to adapt Stephen King’s The Talisman

Stranger Things’ creators the Duffer Brothers are currently working on another project related to Stephen King. Last year, it was confirmed that they would be producing an adaptation of King’s The Talisman for Netflix.

If this couldn’t reach more of the twins’ fanboy dreams, they are co-producing it along with Steven Spielberg. Given that the Duffer Brothers’ favorite all-time film is Spielberg’s Jaws, it’s safe to say that working on The Talisman will check off their biggest bucket list.

Curtis Gwinn, who worked as a writer and executive producer on Stranger Things, will serve as lead writer and showrunner of The Talisman. It has been in on-and-off development by Spielberg for over 35 years but hopefully has found the team to bring it to life.

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