The wait for the final season of Stranger Things is getting longer and a new comment from Stranger Things actor is hinting at a further delay than the projected release date timeline of season 5.

Stranger Things 4 was released on July 1, 2022, and the anticipation for the Netflix show’s finale started right after the last season’s epic ending. While viewers initially speculated that the final season would arrive sometime at the end of 2024 or early 2025, the ongoing strikes in Hollywood will further the delay, per the latest projections.

David Harbour as Jim Hopper in Stranger Things on display as we take a look at the release date projections of season 5
Stranger Things/ Netflix Media Center

Stranger Things final season could be delayed even further than earlier projections

David Harbour aka Jim Hopper of Stranger Things recently divulged new info regarding the shooting timeline of season 5 which shows that the final season could be further delayed. Harbour commented: “There will be a little bit of a push difference, but Stranger Things 5 will shoot for a year.”

Generally, Stranger Things takes around eight months to shoot each season, and the only exception was season 4 which took over a year to finish filming due to a pandemic-related hiatus in between. So going by Harbour’s comment, fans are predicting that the season 5 filming will take longer than usual, pushing the release timeline of season 5 to late 2025.

Pre-production of Stranger Things season 5 still in process

Fans are eager to know a definitive timeline of Stranger Things filming but the sneak peeks from the filming set show minimum progress. Season 5 is likely to be still in the pre-production and the latest update shows a new Downtown Hawkins set is being made for the upcoming finale.

Finale of Stranger Things is like if “Season 1 and 4 had a baby”

While staying true to their original character, Stranger Things makers have experimented with its pace and narrative throughout the seasons, and as per the writers of the show, the finale will be a mishmash of season 1 and season 4.

The writers’ team of Stranger Things posted on X, “Season 5 is like if season 1 and 4 had a baby. And then that baby was injected with steroids.”

On the other hand, David Harbour recently teased that the ending of Stranger Things will be moving and the show pays off to all the major characters in big ways.

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