Stranger Things fans are curious to know what ultimately happens to Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan’s love triangle. Season 4 might have hinted at the fate of Nancy and Steve.

Expectations for Stranger Things season 5 are skyrocketing as the wait time for the finale gets longer. But more of a waiting window also means that the devoted fans of the show can analyze the previous seasons minutely to bring in theories about what they expect from the final season.

Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler and Joe Keery as Steve Harrington in STRANGER THINGS
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Stranger Things fans think they’ve spotted a major clue to Nancy’s fate

Stranger Things fans got a surprising clue about Nancy from season 4 when she accidentally saw a vision of the future by stepping into Vecna’s world. The vision shows some dooming snaps of the future including Nancy losing her family.

While Vecna’s move on Nancy was mainly to terrify her, one Redditor argues that it could hint at the fact that Nancy is one of Vecna’s targets for the future. “Perhaps Nancy saw the endgame (vaguely referencing the clock and time travel) and she has a chance of dying,” the user added.

Natalia Dyer as Nancy Wheeler and Charlie Heaton as Jonathan Byers in STRANGER THINGS
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Steve’s fate tied to Jonathan and Nancy

Steve has been one of the most crucial characters of Stranger Things lore and theories about him dying at the end are flooding the Internet. Steve was hurt in season 4 as he fought against the demo-bats in Upside Down and fans believe that a conclusion to Steve, Nancy, and Jonathan’s love triangle could easily be established if the Duffer brothers chose to create a tragic ending for Harrington.

Jonathan’s character arc as the big brother

But not just Steve, Jonathan’s character arc of being the big brother also could end up in his death. A fan gushed: “Jonathan Byers- Older brother of zombie boy, who has helped him throughout the show to confront multiple demons within him. Jonathan has always been there throughout the show for Will, Joyce, Nancy, and all the kids. It could come full circle with his death. Either way, Jonathan has a chance of dying.

Earlier, David Harbour (Jim Hopper in Stranger Things) had hinted that the ending of the final season will be “very moving” and viewers will not be surprised if Steve, Jonathan, or Nancy choose to sacrifice their life for Hawkins at the end.

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