There is no debate that Joseph Quinn’s Eddie Murphy will always remain the most iconic character of Stranger Things. But it looks like fans of Eddie will soon get to see the British actor in an even more charismatic role.

Joseph Quinn is moving on from the Stranger Things fame as he will be seen in an antagonistic role next for the movie Hoard. If first looks are anything to go by, viewers can expect another genius performance from the 29-year-old actor soon.

Joseph Quinn in new movie Hoard
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Joseph Quinn makes fans go feral unveiling new look

Stranger Things actor Joseph Quinn has surprised fans with a new look for his movie Hoard. In an out-of-context teaser of the movie, viewers get to see the rebellious nature of Maria and how the dynamic relationship between Maria and Michael will likely pan out.

Joseph’s Michael appears precisely as the director described the movie before, a character who can bring magic and madness equally to Maria’s life. His cold gaze and unfazed attitude paired with Maria’s rebellious hint at a chaotic storyline that will be unveiled with Hoard.

A look into Hoard’s plot

As per reports, Luna Carmoon’s Hoard will portray the story of Maria who is first seen in the movie as the 7-year-old kid living with her mother in their own loving world built on sorting through bins and collecting shiny rubbish. Set in 1984, the movie will then do a time jump as Maria’s life falls apart one night.

The film comes back to Maria’s world almost a decade later when she is living with her foster mother. An older stranger, Michael (Joseph Quinn) enters their home and opens the door to “past trauma, magic, and madness.”

From Eddie to Michael, Joseph Quinn seems unstoppable

There is no stopping Joseph Quinn as he continues to impress in one role after the other. The actor’s new look has impressed fans as one posted: “I’m going feral, I cannot lie.”

Another echoed: “This man is gonna be the death of me!”

“Need 3-5 business days to think about Joseph Quinn,” said a third fan!

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