Stranger Things season 5 will see Vecna return in all his glory but a theory suggests he could attack or even kill an unexpected character.

We are still a good distance away from Stranger Things season 5’s release. However, this hasn’t stopped fans from coming up with their own theories about the fate of the show’s character in the upcoming season. The show’s boss villain Vecna will return in all his glory next season. However, this time he will likely come up with a massive plan to obliterate those who almost got him in the last season. But a new theory suggests that Vecna’s unlikely victim this season could be the one mourning the loss of Eddie Munson the most deeply.

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Vecna could attack and even kill Dustin in Stranger Things season 5

While Will Byers, Eleven and even Max look like they could be Vecna’s most obvious victims in season 5, Dustin could just be as exposed to Vecna as the others. Season 4 of the Netflix series showed us that Vecna preys on the emotionally weak and vulnerable. Max became an easy target last season as she was mourning the death of her stepbrother Billy.

However, this time around we’ll have Dustin who will still be grieving his pal Eddie Munson whom Vecna killed in the upside down. Screenrant theorizes Dustin’s emotional vulnerability could make him an easy target for Vecna. Dustin always seemed like the rock of the friends’ group, emotionally speaking. He could always make himself and others smile even in the most stressful situations. However, his emotional stability was shaken when his pal Eddie died.

Eddie and Dustin became like brothers over their shared interests and personality types. They also get along really well thanks to their Hellfire club. Eddie came into Dustin’s life when his friends’ group was scattered and they all seemed to be growing in different directions. Vecna could also benefit by having Dustin out of the equation at an earlier stage, as Dustin’s intelligence always helps the kids in defeating their foes.

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Alternate theory claims Eddie could join Vecna

Another shocking theory put forth by Stranger Things fans says that Eddie Munson could join Vecna and return as a villain in season 5.

Several Stranger Things theorists think Eddie could come back as Kas, a popular Dungeons and Dragons lore character. In the lore, Kas is an ally of Vecna who eventually ends up betraying him. Several D&D lores mention Kas as the reason behind Vecna’s downfall.

There is a general acceptance of this theory among the fandom as Kas is the vampire lord who is often surrounded by bats. Season 4 fans might remember that Eddie dies after Vecna’s swarm of demo bats attack him. Hence, the connection.

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