Disney+ has just revealed their upcoming September 2022 release schedule but leaves out Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2 ahead of premiere.

Star Wars continues to add more and more content from across the galaxy into its already-legendary franchise.

Over the next few months, fans will not only get to see a special behind-the-scenes documentary for Obi-Wan Kenobi, but also the highly-anticipated Andor series.

However, one particular show, which was expected to release in late September, has notably been left off Disney+ recently shared content schedule, The Bad Batch season 2 – leading many fans to assume that the series has been delayed.

Disney+ schedule leaves out The Bad Batch season 2

In August 2021, just before the finale aired worldwide, it was confirmed that Star Wars: The Bad Batch had been officially renewed for season 2.

Then, a few months ago, through a bit of savvy detective work, OneTakeNews was able to report that the release date for The Bad Batch season 2 had been set for Wednesday, September 28th due to a promotional banner appearing on the official streaming platform website.

However, this tentative release date was never actually confirmed by either the showrunners or Disney, with the official trailer only relaying a Fall 2022 premiere window.

Unfortunately, there is now some considerable confusion surrounding the release date for The Bad Batch season 2 as Disney left out the series from their September 2022 launch schedule.

The official line-up was shared by the Disney Media & Entertainment Distribution service, but strangely the hit Star Wars animated series was not amongst the scheduled premieres – leading many fans to believe that season 2 had been delayed.

As noted by various outlets, Disney could have simply omitted the show by mistake. Although a more curious theory is that the delay to the live-action Andor series from August 31st to September 21st, caused a domino-effect that subsequently altered the expected release schedule for The Bad Batch as they are both Star Wars properties.

“As the fourth episode of Diego Luna’s solo series is currently set to release on what would have been The Bad Batch‘s original release date, Disney and Lucasfilm may not want the two shows to impact each other’s numbers similarly to how Obi-Wan Kenobi seemingly hampered Ms Marvel’s early numbers. With Disney+ consistently pumping out premium content, the platform may want to slow down to allow the maximum number of eyes of what it has to offer.” – The Direct.

Disney+ September release schedule in full

The full Disney+ release schedule for September 2022 includes the following planned projects:

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