The Beginning After The End chapter 167 is close to its official release, and here we reveal the exact release schedule for the upcoming chapter of the manhwa.

The popular manhwa sees Arthur in the central role, but in previous chapters, we have gotten to see Tessia as the primary character. Previously, we saw Tessia convincing her grandpa to let her go to the battlefield. However, her grandpa doesn’t look convinced at all, as he wants to keep his granddaughter safe.

In the previous chapter, Tessia struggled to prove herself but couldn’t do anything in the end. So, what happens next will be a secret until the next chapter gets an official release. So, without any further ado, let’s jump into the release schedule of chapter 167 of the manhwa.

The Beginning After the End | Official Trailer | Tapas Original

The Beginning After the End | Official Trailer | Tapas Original

When does The Beginning After The End Chapter 167 come out?

The Beginning After The End chapter 167 will release on Friday, November 11, 2022, at 10:00 AM PST at Tapas Media‘s official website. Here we have revealed the exact time schedules for different time zones:

What happened previously in TBATE?

Gideon finds a ship that, according to him, is not the ship he created. The council members showed their concern toward it, and one of them asked how he was so sure about it. Gideon tells everyone that he has added some signature marks on the ships to tell people he created them. He also says that the ship he found is made of different materials.

Gideon speculated that the Alcaryans might have send the ships, and hearing this statement was enough for Blaine to lose his temper. Virion asked him to calm down, but Blaine couldn’t control himself after realizing that the enemies had many battleships.

Aldir asks Varay about her opinion on this. To this, Varay says that she can’t say anything as she doesn’t know enough about their own ships’ construction. Priscilla interrupts and says there are possibilities that this can be the enemies’ trap. However, Aldir says that if the enemies wanted to divide their troops, they would have left their ship on the western coast.

After some time, Virion asked everyone to prepare for a two-pronged attack. After that, he worries about his granddaughter Tessia as he does not want her to participate in any battle. Tessia appears, and her grandfather shows her a recording of a battle that occurred five days before. He then told her that out of four hundred people sent by them, two hundred men and twenty mages were killed in the battle.

However, even after seeing the recording, Tessia wants to participate in the battle, and when Virion does not see any way to manipulate her, he asks her to prove herself. Virion uses his powers and finally defeats her, but he is impressed by Tessia’s skills. Finally, the chapter concludes by showing Virion asking Tessia not to address him as grandpa and start calling him commander. To be precise, Virion’s statement says he has agreed to send Tessia to the battle.

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