The Beginning After The End Chapter 168 will release soon, and here’s the release schedule for the upcoming chapter.

Previously, we saw Tessia trying to convince her grandfather to let her be a part of the upcoming war. After testing her potential using his powers, Virion gets ready to send her to fight the battle. However, he puts some conditions in front of her that she must follow if she wants to participate in the war.

The Beginning After the End | Official Trailer | Tapas Original

The Beginning After the End | Official Trailer | Tapas Original

When does The Beginning After The End Chapter 168 Release?

The Beginning After The End Chapter 168 will be available on Tapas Media‘s official website on Friday, November 18, 2022, at 9:00 AM PT (Pacific Timing). For the International Manhwa fans, we have listed the release time below:

What happened in the previous chapter of TBATE?

Tessia is overwhelmed by her grandfather’s decision to send her to the upcoming battle. Virion tells her about the rules that she has to follow strictly. The rules start with informing her parents about the entire thing and not being a liability to the team members. If anyone thinks that she is not capable enough, she will immediately be out of the fight.

Virion also added that until now, he has been making decisions for her as a grandparent, but now he has to make decisions that benefit Decathen. He added that from now on, Tessia would be treated as a soldier, not his granddaughter.

After speaking to Tessia, Virion goes to an unconscious Cynthia’s ward, where he meets her caretaker, Anna. The caretaker informs him that even though the medicines given to Cynthia have kept her in good shape physically, they are not able to bring her to a conscious state. After that, Anna leaves Virion with his wife, and the former starts informing an unconscious Cynthia about Tessia and her participation in the upcoming fight. He also remembers when he was young and was happily living with Cynthia.

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